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What our employees are saying

“The managers are willing to help you figure out a situation or think of a new approach.” — Sales Rep

“The senior managers are informed of the new things and changes to make us do better and then share them with us. Taking the time to give more product knowledge and leverage to our company. Also, the willingness to bend over backwards to get it done.” — Sales Rep

“The senior managers communicate and interact very well with all levels of the company and make employees feel comfortable. The atmosphere in our office is positive and people generally feel good coming to work each day.” — Sales Rep

“The managers are willing to listen and help when a question is asked, or even if they are around and hear the question that was not necessarily directed towards them, they will still help.” — Operations

“I love driving home with stories of real people and businesses that our business has helped playing over in my head. It's a privilege to be a part of a company that strives to do the right thing.” — Sales Rep

“TransNational provides times for formal peer group forums that provide an opportunity to learn from other's experiences.” — Sales Rep

“Our company has a very clear trajectory of sustainable success built on a history of methodic growth over the last 12 years.” — Sales Rep

“This company not only cares about its staff and clients but is also charitable toward the less fortunate.” — Sales Rep

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